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We have a passion for creating unique products that deliver a differentiated experience.

With our first brand, Yasso, we delivered a better-for-you upgrade to ice cream that is audaciously delicious and made with the goodness of Greek yogurt. Then after taking a cold, hard look at other frozen treats in our aisle, we discovered something was still missing. A thirst-quenching pop with real fruit and less sugar, blended & frozen into perfection with a burst of hydrating, energizing vitamins and electrolytes. So we got to work with our Yasso team because developing products that can fuel our busy and active lifestyles has always been our mission, and where they don't exist, we'll create them. So kick back, relax and chill out with our new Jüve Pops while you enjoy pure rejuvenating refreshment!

Doing Good

It's Game On, Baby.

We’ll never stop innovating products that marry out of this world flavor with sensible nutrition. But we’ve also taken on a new challenge. With the launch of the Game On! Foundation, Amanda and Drew are going back to their roots and helping others crush their goals and find their own inner health rebel. From kindergarten mischief to ice cream school misfits, Amanda and Drew are not only making dessert better, they’re making their community stronger, too.

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Fruit Pops with Vitamins and Electrolytes

Thirst-busting, electrolyte quenching refreshment — Jüve Pops keep you energized and hydrated with vitamins and electrolytes. Stay frosty, immune system.

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